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M-Tech Developers is synonymous with quality and style. Considered one of the best real estate developers of India, we justly deserve our laurels. The M-Tech Group has always believed in giving more than the best to their customers. In keeping with this philosophy, the group believes in maintaining the high quality of their projects even after the buildings have been handed over to their clients. With this end in mind we have set up a business entity that takes care of all M-Tech properties post completion.




It consists of several professionals and motivated staff spread over various properties & projects developed by the Group. M-Tech, in fact, can be credited to be builders to come up with a dedicated work force specially assigned for post construction care.


Today the users ask for not just space but also aesthetics and building efficiency. In this respect builders nowadays are creating intelligent homes, those that seem to be tailor made to meet consumers' requirements at all points of time. Another important factor that builders have to keep in mind is that today's needs are spread over a wide spectrum. On one hand it is about safety, automation for speed and efficiency and an integration of all building systems under a centralized control system to ensure the smooth functioning of all in-house facilities. On the other hand, in this age of anti-pollution and green peace drives there is a requirement for houses to be environment friendly.

The team is committed to deliver professional building management and services using ultra modern technology to cover the following aspects to the best satisfaction of the customer:

  • 24/7 Multi Level security arrangements.
  • Earth-Quake resistance structures.
  • Clean and pleasing environment
  • Hassle free upkeep and maintenance
  • Under ground cable facility 
  • Landscape and garden maintenance
  • Swimming pool and health club
  • Fire sprinklers fitted at strategic points